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April 4, 2019 in UK & Ireland, Uncategorized

Known for specialising in producing premium hand-crafted espresso machines, La Marzocco are taking their collective years of hospitality experience on the road and bringing the La Marzocco Roadshow to the South of the UK this Spring.

From mid April through to early July, the La Marzocco team will partner with Essential Journal to connect with fans and aficionados from not just the speciality coffee realm, but also from the world of fashion, music, food and beyond. In 2018, the roadshow travelled the North of the UK, shining a light on cities outside of London that were proudly flying the flag for speciality coffee. Visiting places like Sheffield and Hull, the team connected with personalities and local pioneers over an evening of conversation, food,  and drink. The Southern Roadshow will have the same ethos that made the Northern Roadshow so successful: The desire to build relationships to enrich the lives of others. There is no better way to build these relationships than through physical connections and experiences. We can follow each other on social media and engage via our phones and computers, but La Marzocco want to bring these kinds of exchanges to reality.

Coffee isn’t so different from other creative industries. Like fashion and design, coffee brings us all together. From independent speciality coffee shops, to larger chains, right up to in-house office coffee bars, there are plenty of caffeine-fuelled spaces to meet, drink and dream up new ideas and concepts. This applies to the self-employed artist through to managing directors; coffee can help build connections and fuel the creation of concepts. This everyday sentiment is the beating heart behind The Roadshow. The Roadshow will visit Brighton, Margate, Hastings and Canterbury and will be drawing in speakers and panellists from the world of fashion, art and design. As always, The Roadshow will strive to show the power of diversification and synergy, so expect panel discussions and TED-style talks with personalities from a vast array of industries.

As well as providing insights from a world outside of coffee, La Marzocco will bring equipment and speciality coffee to each stop off. Expect exclusive product demonstrations, sensory coffee experiences, and advice and insights for anyone wanting to start a career or business in coffee.

Sign up for each event here:

Brighton, 17/04/19 :

Margate, 08/05/19 :

Eastbourne, 30/05/19:

The Southern leg of The La Marzocco Roadshow will round off in epic style with one of La Marzocco’s signature events, Out of the Box on 13th July. For more information and to register head to

La Marzocco will be running a competition to visit their home in Florence, Italy. The more events you attend the better chance you have of winning the trip. Follow @lamarzoccouk for continued updates and spotlights on each of the roadshow’s host town and cities.

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