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Between the 6 – 14th February 2020, La Marzocco teamed up with London-based alt-pop duo, OhWonder, to create an intimate coffee x music tour, celebrating their love of coffee alongside the release of their third album “No-One Else Can Wear Your Crown.”

We worked with some of our partnered roasters across the UK (North Star Coffee Roasters, Outpost Coffee Roasters, UE Coffee Roasters and The Roasting Party) to host an exclusive coffee cupping; allowing guests to explore the flavours and characteristics of some amazing coffees from across the globe.



We also hosted a Q&A session with the band, where we asked about their favourite coffee experiences, the process behind the creation of their latest album, how they got into drinking coffee; including anecdotes on “that time” Anthony cried because his coffee was THAT good!



It was an amazing opportunity for fans to meet the band, ask them questions in a laid-back conversational setting, buy the album, take photos and most importantly, learn more about the wonderful world of speciality coffee.



The event was a success and we wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who came along, took part in the coffee cupping and supported the band.

Also a huge thank you to our roasters for supporting us along the tour and to OhWonder, without who, the event would never have happened.


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