Lifetime of the Linea- The Depot Bakery

December 6, 2018 in UK & Ireland

Formed in 2015 The Depot Bakery are an artisan bakery that wholesale to some of Sheffield’s finest indie food brands but who also enjoy serving direct to customers in our eatery in Kelham Island, where their team of skilled bakers bring together a wide range of expertise to create delicious breads, cakes and pattiserie.


“We enjoy playing a part within the wider indepedent food community in Sheffield.  Sheffield is an increasingly dynamic and exciting, place to do business the food and beverage offer has improved immeasurably in recent years and it is an industry that is being pushed forward by Independents setting the standard and really challenging the high street.  It is also a place where access to high quality well sourced produce is abundant and it is our job to ensure that our own production and service standards live up to the standards set by the wider supply chain.


I have loved my experience in using the Linea Classic mainly because it’s just so user friendly and consistently stable, and makes me a better barista by proxy. It really doesn’t matter how busy we get on the bar the Linea classic holds up and never fails to extract coffee to it’s best potential. I put this down to the love a passion La Marzocco have for their craft of the world finest espresso machines.


The choice was simple when using a La Marzocco.  La Marzocco is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of espresso machines and have been for a long time. This combined with the support network that they provide to the world of speciality coffee left us no other logical choice. As for why we went for the classic, I would say mainly because of its stability and simplicity which provides a high level of constancy. Also it’s an amazing machine for people to learn how to be a working barista without it over complicating things.”


Stay tuned for next week’s instalment in the Linea Classic Campaign.


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