Lifetime of the linea- stage espresso & brew bar

October 17, 2018 in UK & Ireland

Stage Espresso & Brew Bar is a cosy coffee shop that welcomes anyone. Based just out of the Leeds city centre, they serve a selection of single origin coffees from Union Hand Roasted Coffee on espresso and batch brew, alongside some excellent teas and hot chocolates. Their aim is to produce amazing coffee and draw potential customers away from the big chains and start further exploring the amazing coffee scene Leeds (and the north) has to offer.


“I (Matt) originally moved to Leeds to study at university 7 years ago and Martyn moved up more recently to start planning our venture and fell in love with the city. In my time here, I’ve always been aware of the strong independent scene within the city. This has grown tremendously, with new independent restaurants and cafes, focused on high-quality products, popping up all the time. Along with festivals and events to promote independent businesses, being in Leeds feels like being part of a big family, where we’re all out to help each other!


We’ve been using our classic for the last 19 months, since opening our doors. It’s been doing a great job for us producing consistent, tasty shots.

We first learnt to make an espresso on a Linea Classic, two years prior to opening, so we knew it would be an amazing addition to our shop. We had only heard good things about La Marzocco and that the classic would be a workhorse of a machine that could cope with anything, it hasn’t let us down yet.”


Take a visit to Stage next time you’re in Leeds, you can find them on Great George Street.

Stay tuned for next week’s Lifetime of a Linea highlight.

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