Lifetime of the Linea- Small Batch Coffee

December 19, 2018 in UK & Ireland

Small Batch’s cart Brighton station is a bit of a Brighton institution. It was original run by a company called 9 Bar who were our first ever wholesale customers and when they decided to sell the carts in 2009 Small Batch jumped at the chance. As well serving the hardy commuters that go to London every morning the cart is the perfect welcome to or farewell from Brigthon!


“Going back to 2011 a Linea, it was just called a Linea then as there were no PB’s! was the badge of a specialty shop, if you wanted to look the part you needed a Linea and if you went in anywhere you always looked for that machine as a guide to good coffee.


We’ve had this classic on our Brighton Station Cart since way back, not entirely sure but I’d guess 2011, it used to be wrapped in NY taxi colours but we gave it a ‘Brighton Teal’ update when we got our new cart in 2016.


Of course, we already had a great relationship with La Marzocco and understood the more real benefits of craftsmanship and build quality that mean those machines are still going strong today!


The coffee scene is booming in Brighton, again when we opened our first shop in 2009 there was only us, a tiny Taylor Street Baristas and Coffee @ 33, now I think Brighton has more cafes per capita than anywhere else in Europe.

With this comes a thriving roasting scene with several great specialty focused roasters nowhere in Sussex and there’s a really nice, distinct and co-operative Brighton coffee community. The food scene in Brighton is also cutting edge which adds to the feel of Brighton and Hove as a real culinary destination.”

Next time you’re in Brighton be sure to visit Small Batch Coffee!

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