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September 13, 2018 in UK & Ireland

Caya is both a neighbourhood coffee shop for local (and visiting) food and coffee lovers, and a co-working space for freelancers and other flexible workers. Caya decided to create a dual space because they saw the need for a tailored workspace within the vibrant environment of a coffee shop. There’s a reason people work from their local cafes, and it’s not just that they’re free, it’s that they are full of life, noise, and inspiration. It’s hard to work from home – there are too many distractions. Libraries and other spaces can be just too quiet. Having a space to work, a plug to hand and good wifi is what every freelancer wants. Caya aim to take away the awkwardness of wondering whether to buy another tea or move to a smaller table. Instead, they charge £2 per hour for our workspace in the back of the cafe and that includes unlimited single origin filter coffee and selected of teas. It just allows everyone to feel comfortable, and for the most part people are just happy to pay for their seat.

The coffee shop is a relaxing place filled with friends chatting, bookworms and other lovely regulars. They have a selection of speciality teas and coffees from Ozone Coffee Roasters to choose from as well as a great food menu.


This is the fourth installment of the lifetime of  linea campaign, we hope you enjoy reading.

Opening in September 2016, Caya say their linea classic has never failed them. “It is a really reliable and hardworking machine. We would be lost without her! I knew from experience working in other coffee shops that La Marzocco was a good name in the industry. It is well known for reliability and consistency.


We chose Brixton because it has a creative community and a lot of young people. Our workspace caters to people who work flexibly or work for themselves so we wanted to be in the heart of a community filled with people like this. Also Brixton has become a place known for great food and drink. Every evening and weekend, the streets are filled with locals and visitors trying all of the amazing bars and restaurants on offer. What a great place to get an opportunity to start!”


P.s CAYA is an acronym – it stands for Come As You Are.


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