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October 11, 2018 in UK & Ireland

When people think of Holmfirth, they think of the postcard-perfect village nestled into West Yorkshire (not forgetting the filming location for the TV classic, ‘Last of the Summer Wine’).  This quintessential Yorkshire town has become popular for long weekends spent in the countryside offering afternoon tea on every corner.

Two years ago Bloc, the colourful, modern coffee house and kitchen was born, and afternoon tea in Holmfirth was never the same. Meg, the owner, grew up in Holmfirth and always struggled to find places to eat with her friends. With that in mind, she created the perfect place that she’d enjoy socialising with friends, hoping that other people would love it as much as she did. Thankfully the people of Holmfirth do!


“We’ve been using a Linea Classic since we opened the doors at Bloc 2 years ago. We loved it since the minute we got it. In May this year, we decided to create Road Bloc – our coffee defender. We knew that we want to use another La Marzocco in the defender so we decided to get a custom colour machine for the cafe so we could use our original coffee machine in the defender. Our coffee supplier, Dark Woods, recommended the machine to us when we first started putting plans together for Bloc. We loved how reliable our first machine was and of course the look of it; so simple and classy! Paul at Dark Woods described it as ‘any baristas dream coffee machine’. We can get through up to 6kg a coffee a day but with us using the Linea Classic, every single coffee comes out just like the last.


We are a renowned pit stop for cyclists and locals offering a unique menu of all things ‘on toast’. Served in a relaxed, chilled out environment, it’s the perfect place for socialising, working and a bit of you time. We pride ourselves in our local suppliers and produce and of course our colour scheme is Yellow, Megs favourite colour.


For coffee lovers on the go, we have our custom Landrover Defender 110, in the iconic Bloc yellow. Road Bloc is available to hire for private or public events. We can serve you coffee almost anywhere in the defender!”


Next time you’re in Holmfirth, let the Team Bloc make you feel warm and toasty!

Keep an eye out for where we are next week for our next instalment of the Lifetime of a Linea campaign.

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