chefs for foodies christmas gift guide

November 22, 2020 in UK & Ireland

Thinking about what you can buy your loved one for Christmas? Or perhaps what you can buy yourself, you deserve it this year! Look no further as the Linea Mini has been featured in the first edition of the chefs for foodies Christmas Gift Guide!

chefs for foodies are an online holistic food and travel community magazine who aim to inspire people to become better home cooks and unlock their cooking potnential. With a range of product reviews, interviews with award winning chefs and latest industry news, is the place to g if you’re wanting to find out more about improving your cooking skills!

You can also join their community to enjoy their fun, interactive cooking classes. From trying favourite dishes to discovering new cooking recipes and techniques, the lives stream creates the perfect social forum with expert cooks and food enthusiasts alike.

You can read chefs for foodies here or check them out on Instagram.




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