Crush the Rush at Out of the Box 2019

July 5, 2019 in Uncategorized

This Summer, La Marzocco UK introduces a new team-based barista competition called “Crush the Rush”. Sixteen teams (with three baristas each) will compete head-to-head, racing to finish 8 espresso-based drinks in the fastest time. This competition is all about fun, speed, efficiency and community.

Throughout the competition, teams will race to deliver 8 perfectly-made drinks to the judges’ table faster than their opponents. The fastest team from each heat will move on to the next round. In each round a new surprise will away the competitors to increase the difficulty. At the end of the competition, one team will be awarded the soon-to-be legendary Crush the Rush trophy and £300.

Crush the Rush focuses on bar flow efficiency, technology and fun! Teams will need to
optimize their workflow, roles and responsibilities in order to improve their speed. Each team
will be competing on a La Marzocco KB90 with Acaia Lunar Scales that will need to be
programmed in order to maximize efficiency and accuracy.

Join us at Out of the Box 2019 on 13th July at Tonbridge Castle!

Click HERE to register for your tickets.


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