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coffee encounters – episode 4

La Marzocco Home is pleased to welcome you to the 4th episode of Coffee Encounters, live with La Marzocco Home UK and Accademia Del Caffe…. Read More

coffee encounters – episode 3

La Marzocco Home is pleased to welcome you to the 3rd episode of Coffee Encounters, live from Accademia Del Caffe Espresso in the heart of… Read More

Coffee Encounters – Episode 2

Coffee Encounters is back for another episode! Are you a coffee lover? a home barista? or just interested in knowing more about the history of… Read More

joe & the juice and the Gb5

You will find La Marzocco machines in Joe & the Juice spaces across the world; whether that be our beloved GB5, the Linea Classic or… Read More

Union Hand Roasted and the gb5

Union Hand Roasted have been a longstanding partner of La Marzocco, with many of their customers across the UK using GB5’s in their bakeries and… Read More

gail’s bakery and the gb5

GAIL’s Bakery have been using La Marzocco machines since they first opened in 2005, starting with our beloved GB5 which can still be found in… Read More

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