Lifetime of a linea – Husk Coffee!

August 23, 2018 in UK & Ireland

Heralded by many as the machine that built the specialty coffee community, the Linea Classic holds a special place in many people’s hearts. Entering the market in the early 1990s and still in full production to this day, Linea Classics can be found across the globe in all manner of food and drink establishments where great coffee is served. This piece will be the first of many Linea Classic highlights within the UK and Ireland. We’ll aim to showcase both old and new classics, those that have been going for 20 years and those that are helping new business open everyday. The first café spotlight is ‘Husk’, in East London.


Husk is a café and creative space in Limehouse, East London, with a heart for community, contemporary art – and really good ‘Climpson and Sons’ coffee. Founded five years ago, Husk is a not-for-profit space focused on gathering a diverse group of people together and celebrating coffee, arts and each other. They have five hireable studios for local creatives, alongside an artist residency programme, with their work available to purchase. Second hand books are available for only £1, whilst free classes and events are offered to all.


We recently visited Husk to photograph the space and to speak with Jarryd, manager of Husk, about why they chose to use a Linea Classic and East London’s burgeoning coffee scene

“I’ve worked on many machines but the linea has to be my favourite. We’ve had this machine since opening and it’s been the bedrock of our café. It’s the most consistent machine I’ve worked on and it delivers results that the community of limehouse enjoys day in and day out.


When looking for machines for husk, La Marzocco’s reputation made it the clear choice. We were opening on a budget and wanted something that we knew would deliver a quality product and last for years to come so the classic was a clear choice.


It’s been cool to see the coffee scene grow and change in the last 6 years I’ve worked in East London coffee shops. I love how broad and inclusive it has become, and how innovative places have been not just in their products or menus but also with how to be socially and environmentally ethical and conscious.”


This is the first of a new weekly series where we’ll be highlighting notable Linea Classics throughout the UK and Ireland. Stay tuned for next week’s post!

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