The London Coffee Festival 2018 proved that the speciality coffee movement is going from strength to strength, with bigger crowds, more innovation and event content since it’s launch in 2011.

La Marzocco joined the London Coffee Festival (12-15 April) and proudly took over more zones than in previous years and worked with more of our respected partners and users than ever before. The ultimate showcase of these partnerships being the True Artisan Café, where our roaster network invite, and work, with their partners to showcase the very best of what they have to offer in both espresso extraction and signature drink creation.

And those who have visited; you cast your votes to name this year’s winners of ‘The True Artisan Café Awards’. We talked to the makers of the signature drinks themselves to find out what inspired the winning concoctions. Here they are…


Best Cocktail – Grind and Grey Goose

Sam at Grind

This drink started off life as a twist on the humble Irish coffee – following a year where some of the best cocktails bars in the world (such as NYC’s Dead Rabbit) caught some press with twists on this classic, Grind thought it was time they put their own version out there. After all, coffee and cocktails are their signature move; ask anyone who’s tried their infamous Espresso Martini’s. Grind teamed up with French vodka experts Grey Goose to produce the Café Francais; Vodka instead of Whisky, with filter coffee and Grind house-espresso infused cream. Spot on.

When the time came around to do a drink for the La Marzocco True Artisan Cafe at London Coffee Festival 2018, the first thing they remembered was just how hot it was in 2017, and that they needed a deliciously cold drink to cool down the crowds. Working to the concept of the best boozy iced coffee at LCF, they reinvented the Cafe Francais over ice, et voila.

Pro tip – the secret ingredient is booze.


Best Signature Drink – Origin Coffee Roasters and SoHo House

Origin & SoHo House

Proving that cool frozen drinks are a fan favourite at LCF, The Coco Colada (a twist on a traditional Pina Colada), was created by SoHo House UK Bar Manager, Erden Kayalar. The foundation of the drink being the espresso, roasted by Origin Coffee Roasters.

Origin has been working with Soho House for five years as partners in direct sourcing and bespoke roasting their house coffee. Their house blend of three family run farms in Brazil is sourced and roasted to taste of sweet chocolate, nuts, caramel, and a light fruitiness. Their coffee cocktail was made even more intense by adding in Origins other bespoke partners Sandows Cold Brew, which is made using coffee sourced and roasted to capture the incredible work of the small-holder producers in Colombia who produce it. On top of these coffee foundations, other ingredients included Bacardi rum infused with cocoa nibs, Angostura bitters, fresh pineapple juice, Coco Lopez cream of coconut, Coconut water and Coconut milk.

Thirsty yet?


Best Espresso – Extract Coffee Roasters and Daylesford Organic

Extract & Daylesford

The seed that grew into Daylesford Organic was sown over forty years ago when Carole Bamford recognised the importance and benefits of organic farming. The family’s estates in Staffordshire and Daylesford in the Cotswolds are organically certified by the Soil Association and are committed to sustainable farming.  Daylesford Organic is dedicated to growing, producing and cooking real food, organically. Daylesford Organic is an award-winning business and in the last few years alone, has won over 100 national and international awards.

Extract Coffee Roasters is a speciality coffee roaster founded in 2007. Extract Coffee Roasters carefully selects the finest arabica coffee from across the world with the simple mission to Make Coffee Better for all; an ideal fit for Daylesford Organic.

On the True Artisan Café, the team served Daylesford Organic Espresso; Washed and Honey processed coffees from Peru and Honduras that together, present flavours of dark chocolate, fruit loaf and caramel that soften in milk to create a smooth and balanced staple for quality driven and conscientious customers.

Lee Bolam, Director of Extract Coffee Roasters proclaims; “We are overjoyed to see the Daylesford team recognised for their excellent barista skills, serving up the best espresso in the True Artisan Cafe at London Coffee Festival 2018. We have loved partnering with Daylesford to craft their organic house espresso and are continually overwhelmed by their commitment to sourcing incredible quality organic coffee.”