On November 5th and 6th, La Marzocco took a trip to Manchester for Cup North 2016. La Marzocco are very impressed with all that Cup North  has accomplished over its first two years and the third annual event did not disappoint! We were proud to be official event sponsor and espresso machine partner as the event took on its new guise of The Manchester Coffee Festival. 

What’s most exciting about this event is that it pulls together a wide array of players from the speciality scene in Northern England and gives attendees the chance to jump from county to county all under one roof. It’s always great to come back to Cup North to see how much these companies have developed since the first event in 2014 and how much attendee figures grow as the coffee scene continues to thrive.  As sponsors, La Marzocco provided equipment to a majority of exhibitors at the event as well as bringing the popular La Marzocco at Home Linea Mini kitchen to the event. 

Co-Founder Hannah Davies says: “We were elated to welcome La Marzocco back to Manchester Coffee Festival as Espresso Machine Partner and Festival Sponsor for 2016. La Marzocco machines have become synonymous with speciality coffee shops so they are the perfect fit for our event. The Linea Mini Kitchen was a fantastic edition and an effective way of giving a wider range of roasters the opportunity to be involved in the festival.”

We were grateful of all the hard work that the guest spot roasters did on our stand. Not only making coffee but also giving mini Mini training sessions to the events visitors. Huge thanks to the teams at Small Batch Coffee Roasters, Dear Green, The Roasting Party, Horsham Coffee Roasters, Federal and Ozone Coffee Roasters.

A big thanks to everyone who came to our Friday Night Beer and Pizza launch party with the loudest and proudest latte art throwdown yet! An even bigger thanks to the competitors and co-hosts Clifton Coffee Roasters and Takk as well as beer sponsor Wild Beer.